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Steel strand manufacturers have very strict requirements when producing products. This is mainly because the application of steel strands in the industry is very important. If the product breaks during this time, it will have particularly serious consequences. This consequence will not only affect the progress of the project, but may even affect people's lives. However, some people who do not know about it do not know what the steel strand is. Buying high quality pc steel strand is based on how much you know about PC strand itself.

Brief introduction about steel strand

Steel strand wire is a steel product composed of a plurality of steel strands. The surface of carbon steel can be added with a zinc plating layer, a zinc-aluminum alloy layer, an aluminum clad, a copper plating layer, and epoxy coated).

Classification of steel strand

(1) Classification by purpose

Prestressed steel strands, (electrical) galvanized steel strands and stainless steel strands. Among them, prestressed steel strands are coated with anti-corrosion grease or paraffin after being coated with HDPE. Prestressed steel strands are also made of galvanized or galvanized aluminum alloy steel strand.

(2) Classification according to material characteristics

Steel strand wire, aluminum clad Steel strand wire and stainless Steel strand wire.

(3) Classification by structure

Prestressed steel strands can be divided into 7 wires, 2 wires, 3 wires, and 19 wires according to the number of steel strands. The most commonly used is a 7 wire structure.

Galvanized steel strand and aluminum-clad steel strand for power are also divided into 2, 3, 7, 19, 37 and other structures according to the number of wires of steel strands. The most commonly used is a 7-wire structure.

(4) Classification by surface coating

It can be divided into (smooth) steel strand, galvanized steel strand, epoxy-coated steel strand, aluminum-clad steel strand, copper-plated steel strand, plastic-coated steel strand, and so on.

Manufacturing process of steel strand

The manufacturing process is divided into monofilament manufacturing and stranded wire manufacturing. (Cold) wire drawing technology is used to produce monofilament. Depending on the product, the material can be high-carbon steel strand rod, stainless steel strand rod or medium-low carbon steel strand rod. Zinc should be electroplated or hot-plated on the monofilament. A stranding machine is used to strand multiple steel strands into the product during the manufacturing process of the stranded wire. The prestressed stranded wire needs to be continuously stabilized after forming. The final product is generally received on a reel or rolled without a shaft (reel-less) completed.

Application of steel strand

Galvanized Steel strand wires are generally used for messenger cables, guy wires, core wires (or strength members), etc., and can also be used as earth wire / ground wire for overhead power transmission, Barrier cables on both sides of the highway or structure cables in the building structure. The prestressed steel strands commonly used in in bridges, construction, water conservancy, and energy. And geotechnical engineering, unbonded steel strand or monostrand is often used in floor and foundation engineering.

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