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The global fiber market is expected to reach 192.78 billion yuan by 2025.

[Cable Network News] According to the one-stop industry research report provider The Insight Partners, the global fiber market is expected to reach US$27.88 billion (approximately RMB192.78 billion) by 2025, with a market capitalization of US$9.52 billion in 2015 (approximately RMB658.3). 100 million yuan). The growing demand for fiber optics in growth economies such as China, India and Brazil will enable the market to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 11.7% during the forecast period.

Indian government policies, such as the BharatNet project on the implementation of fiber-optic cables in rural areas, have contributed to the growth of the Indian market. As a country with a large population, India may be a potential fiber growth market. According to the BharatNet project, the government plans to connect 1 million villages by the end of March 2017, with almost 70% of the connections already laid. The goal of increasing broadband penetration in remote areas will help drive the implementation of fiber-optic networks. Since most projects are greenfield projects, they are easy to implement and cost less.

In the past few years, the fiber market has experienced rapid growth and increased adoption, and is expected to achieve significant growth and increased use in the next few years. One of the main reasons for the high adoption of fiber optics is its ability to provide end users with ease of deployment and high scalability. The high growth of digital ecosystems and data in development, as well as developing economies, are providing sufficient opportunities for operators in the global fiber market. Considering the high bandwidth configuration performance, fiber is the ideal tool for data transmission.

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