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  • 2002 Carbon Steel Strand Market

    Carbon steel strand is so important to apply in many industry, for example, normally the steel strand could use in Messenger wire, guy wire, core wire or strength member, etc; can also be used as t...

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  • Understanding Prestressed Construction (PC)

    To best comprehend Post-tensioning, it's time to consider the major differences between pre-stressed and reinforced concrete. Both reinforced and pre-stressed concretes utilize the structural a...

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  • 3 reasons show why steel PC strands so popularized in the construction industry?

    Nowadays, the application of prestressed concrete steel strands (or saying PC steel strand) has been popularized in an all-round way, the main reason is that it can achieve better quality standards...

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  • Why is low relaxation pc strand popular

    PC strand or is called prestressed concreted strand, is widely use for construction industry. Meanwhile, according to its type, PC steel strand, as most popular and applications of wide-range, sho...

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  • What is steel strand

    Steel strand manufacturers have very strict requirements when producing products. This is mainly because the application of steel strands in the industry is very important. If the product breaks du...

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  • Seven taboos of prestressed steel strand

    Prestressed steel strand is a stranded steel cable composed of 2, 3, 7 or 19 high-strength steel wires, which has been stress relieved (stabilized) and is suitable for prestressed concrete or simil...

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  • Overview of steel strand market

    With the rapid development of China's steel strand industry, with the double push of the supply side reform and the construction of the Belt along the way, the capacity structure has been optimized...

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  • Classification and application of steel strand

    Steel strand is a steel product composed of many steel wires. The surface of carbon steel can be added with zinc coating, zinc aluminum alloy layer, aluminum clad, copper coating, epoxy coated, etc...

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  • Brief understanding of prestressed concrete

    Prestressed concrete is to make up for the phenomenon of premature cracks in concrete. Before the use (loading) of components, a pre pressure is given to the concrete in advance, that is, in the te...

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  • Application Of PC Strand

    PC strand is widely used in prestressed concrete structure (both pre-tensioning and post tensioning). Its application is so wide that hardly any prestressed concrete structure is constructed withou...

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Hayes Trade Co.,Ltd. is a reputable Chinese supplier of prestressed concrete (PC) wire strand. Our seven fully modernized state-of-the-art production lines annually output 270,000 tons of PC wire and PC strand of various standards, lengths, gauge sizes, and surface types. We have also developed a responsive global distribution system that warrants the best just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing for our past and future customers across the globe.
Tianjin Hayes Trade Co., Ltd.